Accessible Public Realm & Transport Design.

Motionspot creates inclusive, accessible, and loved public spaces that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Places for all.

Public space connects our society together. The street we live on, the transport we use to get around, the pavements, parks, and favourite lunch spots.

We are constantly passing through, interacting with, and pausing in our public spaces from childhood to later life.

1 in 4

By 2036, one in four of the UK population will be over 65.

Our approach.

Motionspot’s inclusive design approach involves understanding how all members of society want to use these spaces, what challenges they may face in doing so, and what is needed to enable people to engage with them fully, safely, and independently.

Our design services have a strong focus on the sensory experience of a space as well as the structural, to make them as comfortable as possible for people with all sensory, physical, and cognitive access needs.

Our product advice service makes it simple to create create beautifully accessible public washrooms and Changing Places facilities, which mean that disabled people, their friends and families, can enjoy a place for longer.

The real beauty of this approach is that accessible spaces that are intuitive to navigate, with places to rest and recalibrate, and signage that incorporates tactile, audible, and visual elements, are more enjoyable for all.


Number of people in the UK classed as neurodivergent

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