Brook Green Pavilion, Hammersmith, London.

A striking community hub that works for all and ‘Accessible Loo of the Year’ winner

Project brief .

Brook Green Pavilion is a community space in the heart of Hammersmith, London. Core to the brief was to create a beautiful accessible toilet that matched the design intent and quality of the rest of the building. It also needed to be a facility that everyone could use, from wheelchair users to parents with pushchairs.

‘The Brook Green community made a huge effort to include a stylish, disabled loo in this public pavilion. We love this level of effort! One of the enduring issues with disabled loos is that the emergency cord is often tied up, making it useless for its intended purpose. Brook Green had the problem solved through Motionspot’s innovative call alarm system.’

Blue Badge Style Awards

Project scope.

Motionspot worked closely with the Pavilion’s architect De Rosee Sa to ensure that the high level of finish and materials were upheld across all aspects of the building’s accessible toilet. We included universally accessible products including a baby-changing station, stylish chrome grab rails, and a raised height toilet with an easy-to-use flush. Motionspot’s innovative call alarm buttons were also fitted as an alternative to unattractive, often tied up and misused, red pull cords.  

Brook Green and Motionspot have since gone on to win a Blue Badge Style Awarded for Best Accessible Loo.