Student living.

We are skilled at creating adaptable accessible student facilities that meet the demanding standards of modern student life. Our innovative accessible student bedroom and bathrooms with removable grab rails allows extra support to be added quickly and easily when required.

Campus Living

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Aspirational inclusive student facilities.

Starting university is a challenging time for anyone. For disabled students it can be even more so. Aside from the physical barriers to living and learning, the stigma of clinical-looking accessible spaces can create unnecessary separation and added stress. Our product range offers a sleek and discreet alternative.

We create aspirational inclusive facilities that boosts student wellbeing, capacity to learn and ability to engage with the full university experience.

In 2017

13.2% of students attending an English university or college reported at least one disability.

Flexible design and removable products.

Our innovative designs and products also support institutions to fulfil their responsibilities to provide accessible accommodation, with the flexibility to increase or decrease units as the student cohort changes year on year. Our removable grab rails are particularly popular within the student living sector, to allow rooms to easily adapt year on year.

Whether refurbishing an old building or creating a new cutting-edge educational setting we can advise on accessible design best practice across the whole campus: academic buildings, public toilets, student unions and communal spaces, sensory rooms and recalibration spaces, navigation, and wayfinding throughout campus. Our approach considers cognitive, sensory, and physical impairment, including neurodiversity.


New build student accommodation should have 10% accessible rooms