Accessibility Statement.

  • 1. Web accessibility statement

    At Motionspot we’re not just about improving accessibility of the built environment. We’re committed to making sure our website is as accessible as possible too.

  • 2. What we’re doing

    We have used the best practice Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1 (opens in a new tab)) to guide the development of the site and – where possible - to meet or exceed AA standards. In addition:

    We welcome feedback about any issues you might experience when using the site.

  • 3. Making adjustments

    We’ve made the site as usable as we can, but you can also change the settings on your computer to suit you and improve your experience further. For example, you can change the colour scheme, increase the text size, or have the site spoken aloud.

    For help using these features, or to install extra assistive technologies, try these sites:

  • 4. Known problems with the site’s accessibility

    We are aware there are some accessibility problems with our site and we are working to fix these. These include:

    • The websites we link to have not been tested for their accessibility.

    • Currently we aren’t able to provide audio description or transcripts for all of our videos, but we are working on this.

    • Not all downloadable PDFs have alt text or marked up headings yet.

    Whilst we always aim to communicate as clearly as possible, reading some of our content may require a reasonable level of technical understanding due to the nature of what it is about.

    If any of these problems stop you getting the information or service you need from our site, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you.

  • 5. Get in touch

    We really appreciate feedback on how we’re doing and what more we can do. If you find anything on our site difficult to use, please get in touch.

    To help us understand the problem as quickly as possible, please tell us:

    • The web address or title of the page where you found a problem

    • What the problem is

    • What computer and software you use

    This policy was last updated in May 2021

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