Inclusive and accessible design

From institutional to inspirational - transforming a wheelchair accessible toilet

Every commercial space throughout the UK is legally meant to have a wheelchair accessible toilet. These toilets are often clinical and institutional in their appearance and frequently don't meet the required accessibility standards.


Before: a clinical wheelchair accessible toilet

Before: a bland 'Doc M pack'


At Motionspot, we're on a mission to show that you don't need to compromise on style or standards in order to create an accessible space.

A recent project involved transforming a wheelchair accessible toilet in an office building into a chic space that was in keeping with the rest of the office design.


Key design features include:


  • The long projection toilet allows a wheelchair user to transfer easily
  • The flush plate has raised buttons which helps people with limited dexterity
  • Chrome grab bars provide support. One is hinged to allow greater space for wheelchair transfer. It also has an integrated loo roll holder
  • There is a stylish small basin close to the toilet for hand washing
  • Call alarms buttons located an accessible heights are easy to use in an emergency and is a good alternative to call alarm pull cords which are frequently tied up and unusable
  • The walls and floor contrast in colour so people with visual impairment can more easily access the space
  • The mirror height allows both a wheelchair user and someone standing to see themselves easily
  • Task lighting is designed to highlight the loo and basin


After: a chic wheelchair accessible toilet

After: a chic wheelchair accessible toilet


Watch the transformation:


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