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Designing for neurodiversity | 23 April 2024

Meet our speakers graphic from Watercooler event, London Excel 23-24 April. Ed Warner MBE

Using employee-centred design principles to create accessible, inclusive and flexible environments that support neurodivergent employees to thrive.

Exploring the different workplace design solutions that can meet the needs of all employees throughout their working day - including quiet spaces, collaboration spaces, light, furniture, materials, technologies, facilities and services.

Creating spaces and design features that gives employees the flexibility, choice and autonomy to select their preferred working environment and perform at their best.

Aligning organisational policies to ensure that neurodivergent employees are supported

Full agenda and registration here: https://www.watercoolerevent.com/  

3.15pm, 23 April 2024, ExCel London

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Ed Warner MBE, Co-Founder and CEO, Motionspot

Jo YarkerProfessor, Birkbeck - University of London and Managing Partner, Affinity Health at Work

Sam Carey-Smith, Head of Workplace Design, Government Property Agency

Gregory Shewan, Interior Designer, HOK