Removable Grab Rails.

Traditionally, grab rails in accessible spaces such as bathrooms and toilets are immovable, white and institutional, creating a space that provides access but compromises on style and allows for little versatility in the use of the room.

Removable grab rails and shower seats offer a flexible solution to this and our Motionspot range is particularly popular. A bathroom where the grab rails can be added or removed means the room can be tailored to suit the specific needs of the individual. This is a particularly favoured option in hotels where it allows rooms to be opened up to a greater range of people. An accessible room can be adjusted for guests without access needs by simply removing the grab bars and seats which are obvious indicators of accessibility.


Removable shower seat with backrest

Removable shower seat with backrest


Removable grab rails and seats are also a brilliant future-proofing option for home owners. They give the rooms where you want the most independence the ability to be future proofed to adapt to your needs over time. This has the added benefit of reducing the need for more drastic building work in the future or moving house because your current one no longer suits your needs.

Watch our video that shows how easy it is to use removable grab rails:



Benefits of installing removable grab rails and seats:

  • removable technology can be fitted when required by hotel guests or home owners creating flexible, multi-functional rooms
  •  they give discreet, adaptable support
  • they future-proof a space by allowing for flexibility, taking into account the changing needs of the individual
  • they’re a great option for commercial environments because they are versatile and mean a space can be used by people with a wide range of access needs
  • they’re very simple to install and remove

Find out more about accessible hotel design here.


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Removable grab rails and shower seat in a hotel

Removable grab rails and shower seat in a hotel

Removable grab rails and shower seat in The Tamburlaine hotel

Removable grab rails and shower seat in a hotel

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