National Trust's The Old Club House.

Motionspot recently worked on a project for one of the UK’s most loved brands, the National Trust. The project was to improve the accessibility and style of the shower room in The Old Club House, one of their beautiful, accessible holiday cottages on the Isle of Wight.


The Old Club House accessible shower room - after

The Old Club House accessible shower room

Motionspot’s process

Our design team conducted a site visit to The Old Club House to survey the property, understand the space and design the stylish new shower room. We also supplied all the products to deliver the necessary access for guests with physical, sensory and cognitive disabilities or impairments.

The brief was to make the accessible shower room look stylish and modern on a small budget.


The Old Club House accessible shower room - after

The Old Club House accessible shower room

New features improved

We built out the walls in the shower area, behind the WC and the washbasin, to conceal the unsightly pipes and reinforce the walls for mounting grab rail. This gave the room a neater, cleaner finish.

Bi-folding shower screens replaced the previous shower enclosure which restricted space for wheelchairs. The bi-folding shower screens can be folded back on themselves to allow a wheelchair user to easily transfer to the loo and to the shower seat. They also free up the space, maximising the circulation.

The shower area has been improved by adding a folding shower seat for guests who cannot stand for long periods of time. We added a thermostatic electric shower valve to prevent scalding as well as a supportive shower riser rail which reduces the need for multiple support bars, providing discrete support for guests who need it.

A lever tap and push button plug were fitted to the basin to make it easier for guests with limited dexterity or arthritis to operate. By removing the pedestal, there is now more space under the basin for seated access while the insulated bottle trap reaches the risk of shin scalding on hot pipework.

Slip resistant flooring was been chosen to ensure no unnecessary trips or falls. The finishes have also been carefully selected to provide sufficient visual contrive between the floor and walls.

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The Old Club House accessible shower room - after

The Old Club House twin room with en suite accessible shower room