Beautiful future proofed bathroom - a home case study.

We recently had the opportunity to work with a client to produce a bathroom design which was not only beautiful, but offered products with discreet support. Christine from south London approached us to help future-proof her bathroom due to an on-going health issue. She wanted stylish design together with improved safety and support in the bathroom.

The old bath was proving diffcult to get in and out of, so it was removed to make way for a level access shower area. A ‘T’ shaped supportive shower riser rail was installed offering horizontal and vertical support equal to that of any highly supportive grab bar. A ceiling mounted shower head was installed to give a spa like experience and the handheld shower head is accessible whilst seated. Christine didn’t want a fixed shower seat, so the area was designed with a fixed shower screen with a 180-degree pivot panel to ensure greater circulation space when required.

The elegant wall hung basin is strong enough to offer support and has cut-out left and right hand grips which can also double up as towel holders. A replacement toilet with a remote control toilet seat offers varying wash functions and a contrasting easy to grab support bar has been fitted to make life a little easier. There is also provision to fit a second bar when needed.

"This bathroom refit has been genuinely life-changing. I can complete personal care routines more easily without feeling anxious about falling. The clear and bright space, with its wall mirrors, secure footing and support rails, encourages vital daily stretching exercises. And for me, the sense of wellbeing is strongly enhanced by the design and quality of the fittings – simple and functional, each the best in class. Even the toilet makes me laugh every evening when the bowl transforms into a giant night light. There is nothing I wouldn't change – it is perfect!"

Christine from Clapham, South London